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Paolo was born in Trieste, Italy where he lived  until the end of his high school studies at the scientific Liceo "Galileo Galilei", known nationwide for being specialized in advanced mathematics, physics, chemistry, as well as the classics, history of art, and roots of modern languages. He then studies Architecture in Rome at University of "La Sapienza", and then at the "University of Southern California" where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. Paolo received multiple awards and Dean's commendations in both universities and his work was showcased in different exhibitions.

During his university studies, Paolo was exposed to both worlds of Architecture,

an opportunity which every designer would love to have: modern intervention interlaced with historical preservation, and the carte blanche experimental attitude of Southern California, while dealing with the complexity of two different cultures and the translation into built environment coming through different approaches in the design process.

Paolo believes that the true maturity of a designer is reached only towards the end of his career, and that every design is a physical translation of an encounter between the designer's mindset and the project's need at that particular moment in time.

Every design must be a new creation free from redundant style, borrowed architectural language or post rationalization; it is the movement of the pencil that translates the voice of our soul and rational thinking into new form that reflects a combination of needs that interact with culture, natural forces and indigenous resources.

The mission of a designer is to create a better world for as many people as possible; in order to achieve this, it is mandatory that we always investigate new materials and solutions for more affordable and efficient living with higher standards. This is why Paolo is involved in the study, hands on experimentation, and the creation of new solutions in building materials which are high in performance, low cost, and renewable.

Paolo has been  working in the architecture and design environment for many years now and was fortunate to have an extensive and well-rounded experience; he designed hotels, apartment and mixed-use buildings, high-rises, amphitheaters, tensile structures, schools, libraries, interiors of any kind, and large scale master plans.


Paolo is also a college professor in Los Angeles where he teaches Commercial and Residential Thesis, Lighting Design, Light Fixture design, Furniture Design Construction, and Chairing Styles.

In 2013, 2014 and 2015 Paolo was the winner of the  "Outstanding Faculty Award"  for the Interior Design Program, an award given by the graduating student body to outstanding faculty members. Professors cannot receive more than 3 awards and he is now in the Hall of fame.


As an instructor, Paolo believes that creativity comes with freedom and that developing designers must learn how their brain operates and how to successfully manage that freedom.

We all need different conditions around us to be creative; a student must learn which one works the best. Once that condition is set, the design process can be learned absorbed and metabolized faster than ever, and can be replicated in a less favorable environment with much more ease.

Paolo doesn't want to believe that creativity is left to intangible and innate talent of an individual, but is rather a scientific process that can be learned and optimized to everyone’s personality.


Paolo has few other passions in his life; he is a wristwatch collector and fanatic, a sportscar enthusiast, loves photography, and more than anything else, he just adores his dog Misu.