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Yerevan, Armenia

The project is located in Yerevan - Armenia- and consist of an addition to the “American University of Armenia”.

The site is located on a public park , characterized by a steep slope and beautiful views of the city and the mountains, which include the Ararat mountain , national symbol of Armenia.

The project footprint should not be superior than 2,900 sq. meters and the total program may not be more than 10,000 sq. meters.

The program for the new college extension provides  space for  seven majors,   including  classrooms, faculty offices, seminar rooms, tiered rooms, lecture rooms, a big lecture hall, space for the administrative offices and outreach program, a gallery for exhibits, and a guest quarter for the dean. In order to fit the program within the required space without violating the footprint limits, the solution chosen is to put in the middle of the building all the spaces that do not require natural lighting, (tiered rooms, lecture rooms, restrooms) and “wrap” them with the other components of the program, prioritizing location of spaces on the basis of views, natural lighting and indirect lighting.

The classrooms were then placed on the north side of  the building, the faculty offices facing the view of the mountains and the academic offices facing the mountains and the city as well.

Vertical circulation takes place at the ends of the triangular shaped plan. The Gallery is located on the ground floor, close to the cafe’ and the  lecture hall, and at the boundary of the site to be a focal point and  reach out to the community. The four story glass volume above it is a component of sustainable design, in fact, it  collects heat for the building during winter and acts as heat chimney during summer.