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Ezee Bike


El Segundo, CA

Ezee Bike wants to become The boutique of electric bikes. The owner described his  request in the clearest way as possible: ”...a place where Apple Store meets Pinkberry”. The store prototype must also integrate the sustainable element which is the key ingredient of electric transportation.


The proposed concept flourished from an accurate study of the product, to develop the form and shape  of the identifying brand element. The idea was to extrapolate from the bike, something that identifies the product, the brand, the philosophy and the mission statement. The element chosen to be further graphically analyzed and go through a  metamorphosis process, was the battery of the bikes. The battery is identical for all the bike models making it a clear common denominator, with great potential to become the signature element that shapes the very brand’s component.


The basic shape of the battery was funneled into a process of abstraction and deformation where all the existing basic elements were transformed to embody additional conceptual and philosophical elements to the brand.

The abstract shape of the battery was further angled to assume a more dynamic, rather than static balance; then the shape was stretched integrating a change of scale which embodies the concept of motion and distance.

The shape obtained, also expresses a sinuous path that represents the freedom of motion that a bicycle gives when compared to a conventional mechanical element of transportation.


The obtained shape was then introduced in key elements identifying the brand.

1. The prototype store facade storefront is now embraced by the branding shape which lightly frames the interior of the store, while leaving space for the signage location. This solution was found to be appealing for the store typology and size that Ezee Bike wants to have.


2. The bike display was  also integrated into the same shape and was designed to be constructed with reclaimed wood planks or bamboo, evenly spaced with air gaps that would let light filter from

behind, as trees and leaves do with sunlight. The result was the creation of a sleek, organized, yet freeform feeling of natural outdoor space, perfectly suitable to display a clean, sustainable, and technical product.

3. The display booth, designed for promenade malls or temporary events, integrates the Ezee branding shape to embody the function of bike display, accessories rack, and cashier station. The construction design allows to transport the unit in smaller components that can be easily assembled and disassembled. Materials and textures create a direct connection and memory to the store experience.