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Home Town Farm

San Diego, CA

Prototype development for Home Town Farms, a newly founded company with an innovative approach to regular farming. Home Town Farms will develop vertical farming for fresh organic produce above existing parking lots, parking structures or even roofs of existing buildings.


The farming technology applied allows the delivery of fresh produce to the neighborhood saving 85% of water consumption, with no transportation costs, and creating new local jobs that cannot be outsourced.


The design requires a steel structure that elevates the farm above an existing parking structure in order to maintain the parking count for current tenants. The loss of parking due to vertical circulation and ramps will be compensated by the added parking on top of the new structure, in addition to the farm's shop parking requirement. The structure with the farm has no impact on the existing parking, but actually creates shade for the vehicles parked underneath.


In order to conceal the looks of the farm in a simple, fresh looking and cost effective way, a system of horizontal wood elements creates the boundary around the tent and a parapet surrounding the parking and ramps. The consistency and integrity of the modular perimeter skin looks is interrupted by vertical green elements placed at random distance. These elements are backlit to give a strong branding appearance to the building and can integrate graphics or signage in critical locations.


The prefabricated steel structure and the modular skin can be easily disassembled and removed for  relocation assuring that non just the produce is sustainable, but instead the entire process.