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Manhattan Residence

Manhattan Beach, CA

  • Resysta Facade
  • Resysta Facade
  • Resysta Facade with Texston Stucco
  • Resysta Facade and Texston stucco
  • Resysta Facade
  • Resysta facade and Texston stucco
  • Manhattan Beach Design
  • remodel designer in Manhattan Beach

Located on Manhattan Avenue, just one block from the pacific Ocean.  The residence is approximately 2,500 square feet and went through a complete exterior remodel.


The project had extreme limitations due setback encroachments and limited space for resurfacing causing a long negotiation with City officials and Public works.


The owner requested low maintenance finishes and durability. The Project features a custom stucco accents with selected coarse aggregates, natural stone finishes composed of three different materials mixed with specific ratios, and composite wood siding and accent louvers. The wood siding rain screen system was painted by hand to give a texture and color variation impossible to distinguish from natural teak wood.


Accent lighting was also designed to highlight the textures and the projections of various architectural features and changes in color at the touch of a button when the owner desires.