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Krause Residence

Shingle Springs, CA

Located in front of Holiday Lake, the Krause Residence has a 2,700 square feet main house with double ceiling height living room and indoor/outdoor kitchen facing the adjacent lake. On the ground floor there are also a guest bedroom and two office spaces for both husband and wife, while on  the second floor the master bedroom overlooks the entry and the living space, and is connected to a 300 square feet walk in closet and master bath with indoor/outdoor Jacuzzi.


The main house attached two car garage leads to a covered pathway to reach the

"toy garage", designed to display twelve collectible exotic vehicles. This larger building is connected to a lounge area and a gym, which are facing on one side the lake looking through a garden, and on the other side the vehicles.


Both buildings are designed making use of steel structure with insulated metal panels cladding on the exterior walls and insulated metal roof paneling. The roof lines fold and wrap around some facades to connect into a continuous and sinuous shape; some walls have accents with concrete finish or gray stack stone which are softly grazed by lights placed around the perimeter of the buildings or roof projections.  


Building designed and engineered making use of a prefabricated system which is developed to eliminate thermal bridging and faclitate the installation through a quick process involving a reduced amount of trades.


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