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ABC Store Prototype

Las Vegas, NV

Design a new store prototype for a flagship ABC store location in Las Vegas. The new design should be themed, and incorporate elements that give any customer a memorable experience with an Hawaiian flavor.



The challenge in this project is to create design without falling in a gaudiness of cliché elements, typical of themed environments.

The new prototype store will have, integrated in its design, three key elements that tie to the most memorable experiences Hawaiian sites can offer: the biggest ocean waves, volcanoes, and the intense forest close to the beach.

The customer will subliminally experience a sailing journey through ocean waves that will finally lead to the Hawaiian land, filled with volcanoes and background forests. A process of abstraction and metamorphosis is required in order to obtain completely reinvented functional shapes that maintain a memory of the chosen key elements to deliver a sleek, yet visually entertaining shopping experience.


The store volume is contained by suspended curved ceiling elements that end into the ground. These shapes are in various sizes and orientation to create a freeform spatial organization, adaptable to any circulation desired within the space and store layout. I order to support these cantilevering elements, some vertical supports are provided. These supports integrate a shelving systems to display products, and a screening device which reminds the shape of sails on typical Hawaiian boats.

The ceiling system, combined with the display system, creates this interplay which reminds little sailboats travelling through an ocean of overwhelmingly big waves. The trip has begun.

The ceiling elements are indeed used to define space, separate different product categories, to provide direct point lights on selected spots, and create a freeform shadow pattern on the floor with the assistance of task lights located above. The combination of these functional and spatial qualities becomes a close abstraction of ocean waves which include randomness in size and shape, light, and reflection games.  

Once the visitor reaches the end of the trip, and reaches the land, will find a quieter space organization, where  tapering wood finned shapes reminiscent of volcanoes, embrace and enclose different parts of the program such as counters and office space. On the background, an intricate wood shelving system provides storage support while expressing in minimal way, through form and materiality, the qualities of the Hawaiian forest. In a very subtle and elegant way, the themed journey is now ended.