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Generazione Zero

West Hollywood, CA

Give to an existing, outdated, declining restaurant/nightclub, located in a main LA nightlife area, a fresh look, strong iconic identity, and lifestyle recognition that attracts caters to new, fresh, and

upscale L.A. scene. A place with an international clientele, style and taste, where friends and business professionals would find pleasure, comfort, and culinary pampering.  


The remodeled restaurant and nightclub should attract the new population of the twenty-first century; people that live an active, dynamic, and joyful life, move and relocate quickly without too much weight to carry. They are still reachable through modern technology at their fingertips, and therefore find the time to sit and relax, and value simplicity in sophistication,  a population that chooses to have a small bite of something tasteful rather than abundance of mediocrity.


The concept and population described identifies a new generation that is defining a new lifestyle taking place across the globe.

The name chosen for the club is indeed “Generazione Zero”, which is Italian for Generation Zero, indicating a new generational beginning.

The building design accomplishes a complete fresh look on a limited budget. The iconic element is the cube floating at the corner of the building, which is the most visible point from traffic coming in both ways. The entry is placed underneath the cube.

The cube, as simple shape represents and subliminally communicates numerous concepts that are strictly tied to the restaurant’s vision and clientele: minimal sharpness, simplicity, mathematical order and organization, un-gaudiness, un-fearful extravagance within new and essential boundaries.

The texture within the confining shape of the cube is a simple yet rich composition of organic shapes which create an intriguing light and shadow interplay that changes with distance, daylight, angle, like in nature.