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Sugar Factory Prototype

LasVegas, NV

Design a new prototype store to identify the Sugar Factory brand as a generational milestone and a reinvention of the traditional candy store.

The target population served by Sugar Factory is the young crowd who consists of followers of contemporary entertainment industry icons such as Britney Spears, and Kim Kardashian, etcetera. The brand signature product is the "bling-bling" lollypop which is actually endorsed by Kim Kardashian.


The overall  theme proposed is a Princess Neoclassic Castle with sparkling objects, gold leafed details, colorful and overwhelmingly rich environment. The candy store is not anymore a place where you walk in and out to pick and choose your sugars as any other conventional store, but a happening place where you instead sit down and spoil yourself with all the rich and tasteful products offered, a place where you can lounge with your friends, be special and be seen. The store becomes a parallel of a wine tasting and  cigar smoking room, but this time the crowd are kids, youngsters, and young at heart adults, while the goods are candies.


After a careful examination of the common elements that all royal reception environments provide, and a very stringent process of filtration, the key elements that were put on the drafting board are 1.  wallpaper, 2. paintings with gold and silver leafed frames, 3. deliberate randomness in size, shape and location of the paintings on walls.


These three elements were further reinterpreted to become part of a freeform, inspiring, fun, joyful, and radiant environment.


1. wallpaper: A curvilinear shelving system, consistent through the space, finished in white glossy material, becoming a blank and neutral canvas capable of embracing infinite designs and textures. The texture and richness of this tri-dimensional wallpaper is created by glass containers and prepackaged clear vinyl bags filled with colorful candies. This is a consistent field background from floor to ceiling.


2. Paintings: the second layer of decoration, is provided by numerous picture frames decorated with heavy Gothic motifs, which create a natural contrast with the minimal appearance of  the shelving system used as background. The picture frames are special displays for particular items, such as t-shirts, candy baskets, special priced items, mirrors, or just pictures of the entertainment icons endorsing and frequenting Sugar Factory.


3. Randomness: All the picture frames, are different in shape and size, placed randomly in the most strategic  locations for visibility and reach, creating deliberately a fantasy-like experience.


The design concept proposed, can adapt to any store layout maintaining a consistent appearance and inevitable branding impact. The colorful arrangement of goods can change periodically in color and pattern, to give any store a continuously fresh and unique look.